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Grace Institute

An integral part of the Grace Institute curriculum is to have the women visit an office to begin to imagine and prepare for the next step in their career journey. On July 29, 2015, Napier Park collaborated with Grace Institute and hosted the firm’s 3rd Annual Grace at Work Event. Napier Park hosted seven women from the Grace Institute at the office to give them exposure to a diverse range of jobs, learn about the Napier Park business and goals, network and hear personal success stories from our employees. One of the many highlights of the day was the opportunity to hear from Napier Park Compliance Associate, Maria Kling, who is a Grace graduate herself, and a true testament to the strength of the program and how helpful it has been in her own career.

About Grace Institute

Grace Institute was founded in 1897 by W.R. Grace, twice-elected Mayor of New York City. For 119 years, Grace Institute has provided tuition-free career training and job placement services to over 100,000 economically disadvantaged women throughout New York City. Each year, 300 unemployed women ages 18 and over are trained with the computer and business skills necessary to pursue a fulfilling career and financial independence.

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