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Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

Napier Park is a proud sponsor of the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Summer Mixer which took place on July 21, 2016.  Mario Ruiz is an Investment Associate on the Financial Partners team at Napier Park Global Capital and is a member of the Junior Leadership Board of SEO.  The Summer Mixer supported SEO’s Scholars Program, a free eight year academic program that gets high school students to and through college with a 95% college graduation rate.  Mario himself is an alumni of two SEO programs:  the SEO Career Program and Alternative Investments Program.

About Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

Since 1963, Spon­sors for Edu­ca­tional Oppor­tu­nity (SEO) has made a life­time of achieve­ment pos­si­ble for 12,000 tal­ented young peo­ple from under­served and under­rep­re­sented communities.  SEO offers three distinct programs:  SEO Scholars, SEO Career and SEO Alternative Investments. 

SEO Scholars is a rigorous eight-year academic program that prepares underserved public high school students for admission to the nation’s most competitive colleges–and supports them through college graduation. 95% of SEO Scholars graduate college in 6 years and 80% graduate in 4 years.

In high school, the program offers intensive year-round academic preparation via a carefully-calibrated, rigorously-assessed course of supplemental education. The Saturday, summer, and weekly after-school classes provide the equivalent of 2.5+ years of instruction in English and 1.5+ years of instruction in math.

In college, the program continues to support students through each of their four years, providing one-on-one academic, personal, and career exploration support.

SEO Career: the nation’s premier summer internship program for talented, underrepresented college students of color. In 2015, 85% of SEO Career interns were offered full-time jobs at the end of their summer internships – either at their host company or another SEO Career partner.

SEO Alternative Investments: provides education, exposure, training and mentoring opportunities to talented professionals traditionally under-represented in the alternative investments sector. As of 2016, partner firms for the Alternative Investments program include: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Palladium Equity Partners, TPG, and Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe.

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