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Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center

Michael Lashendock, Senior Client Relations Manager at Napier Park Global Capital, successfully completed his second Ironman triathlon on Sunday, July 24, 2016 in Lake Placid, New York. In doing so, Michael raised $25,000 for the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center (FPCAC). To make a larger impact, Michael and his wife Donna, matched every dollar donated, up to $10,000 for a total donation of $35,000.

The race consisted of a swim of 2.4 miles, a ride of 112 miles and a run of 26.2 miles.  Michael was able to complete the grueling race in 16 hours and 28 minutes.

About Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center

The Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center (FPCAC) is a non-profit organization, which provides quality arts instruction to 600 under-served students, age 8-20 years old, in South Los Angeles. FPCAC teachers provide a program filled with structure and well planned curriculum to help their students build self-esteem, develop civic responsibility and learn to apply the same dedication and commitment to their academic efforts.

This is particularly important because Performing Arts assist in children’s development and enriches the lives of the community. Arts, including theatre, are vital to a well-rounded education and person. Yet, many local public schools offer little to no performing arts programs. Arts instruction has been proven to raise test scores, improve reading and communication skills, improve school attendance and reduce High School dropout rates.

The donations that Michael was able to raise through his efforts will allow 45 jazz students to gain access to both instruments and practice time. These donations will also help put cameras in the hands of 60 film students. FPCAC has assisted thousands of children in gaining acceptance to college, and four students of the program have gone on to win Grammys. 

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Fernando and the Pullum Center kids showing their support for Team Lash.